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4th-Oct-2007 08:33 pm - Cycle 9, Episode 3 Photoshoot!
So, here are the pictures from the photoshoot from C9, episode 3!

4th-Oct-2007 08:09 pm - Cycle 9 Episode 3 Results!
So last night's episode was awesome, don't ya think? I'm going to post the pics real real real soon, just have to upload them! But, for all of you that missed it or couldn't watch it -- 

3rd-Oct-2007 01:32 pm - Tyra's Portfolio Cycle 7 + Cycle 8!
So here are the pics from Tyra's Portfolio from Cycle 7 and Cycle 8!

follow the cut..Collapse )
follow the cut..Collapse )

I liked CariDee's photos WAY more then Jaslene's photos! Jaslene's photos looked like they took 3 minutes to shoot.

Source: The CWTV Official ANTM Site
1st-Oct-2007 07:59 pm - The Bitch/es of the House!
So out of ALL the 13 girls that were in the house - who is the biggest BITCH?

I think Bianca, definitly. She thinks she is so damn good, and I just wanna smack the **** outta her. :P
Nr 2, miss ebony. I hate that she considers herself a 'fun bitch', what's so fun about her? she's def. a 'bitchy bitch'.

And KIMBERLY, did you hear the comments about Heather that she gave in the second episode? How dare she!?
1st-Oct-2007 07:27 pm - Cycle 9 Model Portfolios [Shoot 1+2]

So, I decided to upload the pics from the first 2 shoots from Cycle 9 and share them with y'all. :) 

Shoot 1: High Quality

Shoot 2: Medium Quality
30th-Sep-2007 09:04 pm - ANTM Cycle 9!
So, what do you think of this cycle so far? I think it's GREAT!

My favorites are Heather and Saleisha right now. I hope Heather wins, cause she is great!

Also, for the makeover episode - I heard that someone is going BALD! My guess is Bianca!

Comment and say what you think! :)
30th-Sep-2007 08:04 pm - Welcome to ANTM World!

Hi everyone! Welcome to ANTM World! *dances*
We're so exited to be running this community and we hope that y'all will be active!

This LJ community was created SEP 30, 2007. The maintainers are 





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